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Battle of Lützen
Part of the Thirty Years' War
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The Battle of Lützen by Carl Wahlbom shows the death of King Gustavus Adolphus on 16 November 1632.
6 November (O.S.) or 16 November (N.S.), 1632
Near Lützen, southwest of Leipzig (present-day Germany)
Protestant victory
Protestant Union
Holy Roman Empire
Catholic League
Commanders and leaders
Gustavus Adolphus ♰
● Dodo von Knyphausen
Bernhard of Saxe- Weimar
Robert Munro, 18th Baron of Foulis
Albrecht von Wallenstein
● Heinrich Holk
Count Gottfried zu Pappenheim
12,800 infantry 6,200 cavalry 60 guns
10,000 infantry 7,000 cavalry, plus 3,000 infantry and 2,000 cavalry on arrival 24 guns
Casualties and losses
3,400 dead and 1,600 wounded or missing
Probably about the same as Swedish casualties