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The Daily Eagle - 1918, April 11

In this little personal project I tried to create fictive yet authentic american newspaper-covers dating back to the 1910s. Authentic usage of fonts, decorations, format, illustrations and many more has been focused on. As a fan of history in general this has been a lot of fun.

First I blocked in the layout with a rough photocollage. Trying to find a good composition and an authentic feeling for the layout. Next I began playing with fonts and some basic shapes as well as finding some good old potraits of actual stars during the 1910's. Once I've got something I like, I began with the text. This was a very vital step, I had to find headlines, topics and vocabulary that fit the timeframe. For this step I read loads of actual old newspapers, mainly digitalized scans which are available around the internet. After this was done it was all about making it look old and thus feel old. Rendering the effects and textures whith a variety of combinations of effects and filters. As the final step I finally picked up the tabletpen and went in to add some minute details here and there to make it look less fabricated and more real & gritty.